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A wound is so much more than a hole in the body! For patients, this can be pain, odour or an unfamiliar dialogue with their own body. It can cause high social and psychological stress for themselves as well as for relatives and can impair quality of life.

Nowadays users can choose products from an endless portfolio but sometimes the challenges and issues remain unresolved. The objective of sanaFactur is to close this gap through cooperation with our partners and key personnel in the health care sector. This is the origin of each development project and is core to our philosophy. Interdisciplinary cooperation is key to improve the quality of life for patients as well as to address economic needs. Wound care is so much more than just changing dressings.

We at sanaFactur would like to help you and your patients. In order to get there we need to develop solutions as a team to close the gaps you see in your daily practice which are unresolved. For us it is important to say that we want to stay involved far beyond the products that are being sold and used. We see a responsibility to provide knowledge and education in order to build the skill set we all need. We want to be part of your team to share our experience to develop solutions with new added value.

Together we can take care in the world of wound care.


Dr. Alexander Maassen and Olaf Ohm