The Silverlon Advantage

STRONG support for your Patient.

  • Highly effective silver ions support the forces of the patients’ immune System
  • Bactericidal and fungicidal effect demonstrated in numerous tests on bacteria and fungi such as MRSA, VRE and C. albicans.
  • Rapid Impact
  • Quick and continuous release of silver ions in contact with moisture
  • No known resistance in over 10 years of application experience

SAFE treatment for your patient.

  • No deposits of heavy metal, strong release of silver ions
  • Atraumatic dressing change if used as indicated
  • Unrestricted wound assessment as the wound is not discoloured
  • Long-lasting effect due to continuous release of large and effective amounts of silver ions

Advanced Technology

Nylon microfibers are coated by a special technology with a thin layer of silver. The layer is very durable and flexible. This results in a very large surface that you need to release relevant amounts of antimicrobial silver ions. The release starts upon contact with liquids and continues during the intended wear time as long as there is enough moisture.

Many products do not release silver ions, release only short-term or low amounts or might shed elemental silver particles in the wound – when it comes to the worst in form of silver nanoparticles which might migrate through the patient’s body.